Oh, the dread, wading through school jumpers, coats, socks (my kingdom for a pair!), sports kits and other horrors on the daily round up of a child’s bedroom floordrobe. Standing on Lego whilst trying to seperate the lights and darks from under the bed. The joys!

So what’s the best way to manage the floordrobe in your wonderfully messy kids’ rooms?

We’ve been looking at different forums about tips for keeping kids’ clothes in order – and thankfully, we aren’t the only ones with this problem. At least with RagTagd, the majority of school uniform is safe on its travels around school (check out our school uniform smart tagging system).

Here’s the best floordrobe tackling tips:


  • One parent had the excellent idea of making cleaning up part of the chore sheet. In exchange for dirty clothes being kept in the laundry basket, the child in question gets extra TV time or a special Friday night movie.


  • Set a good example. (It’s always the first step.) Kids are far more sensitive and responsive to what we do than what we say. Do you take pride in your home? Do you have your own floordrobe or do keep your own clothes in a uniformed order?


  • Another inspired floordrobe-tackling-idea from a parent forum was; “If it goes on a hanger, pick a prize”; for every item of school uniform or clothing hung in the wardrobe, a pick from the goodie box is allowed.



  • Have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. It helps a lot if everything has a home. Provide the kids with boxes, bins, racks. Smartly work together at labeling and deciding what goes where.



Whatever the reason or the reward, it’s always good to continue to encourage tidiness. We all go through the minefield of how to get the children motivated to clean up at home – except some of us are very lucky to have children with immaculate organisation, others (and our hands go up) have children who are more carefree! However all children seem to know the drill when it comes to the ‘end of day tidy-up’ at school… How do the teachers manage this?!

Do you have any mores ideas on how to handle the kids’ tidying? Please tweet them us at @RagTagdUK! Making tidying fun and creative while still teaching good habits is a very difficult fine balance. Then again, understanding that balance is better than a floordrobe!