Dads are champs, aren’t they? From the school uniform to the sports day, the fundraisers to the homework. Superheroes in disguise you might say (can you tell Dads have had a hand in this blog?). The majority of dads are simply the best. Annoying then, that for the best dads, online Father’s Day guides suggest the worst, most cliché gifts.

Here at RagTagd, we’re proud to have written the REAL-list. Those fantastic gift ideas you can present to dad for Father’s Day, to say thank you for all those smart uniforms, trips, the rainy days on the sports pitch, and the school events (click here to catch PTA fundraising ideas). Let the kids get something that really is special for those dads who were once the rocking teenagers of the 90’s.

RagTagd are a team that contain very proud mums and dads. For this Father’s Day, we’ve noticed a resounding sigh of; “not ANOTHER pair of socks!”, and “Oh. More toiletry bags…”. During our conversations, dads have also shown absolute contempt for anything that contains bluetooth technology.

To celebrate these moments, we have developed the anti-list of Father’s Day Gifts. Gift to rule them all, across three budget types.

Whilst socks, keychains, a card with a disgruntled animal pulling a funny face, and the wash bag are all lovely, and wonderful, (trust us, we’d be happy with a hug), we have been eyeing up the retail sites and have found the most epic gifts ever. These will make your dad happier!

We have rarely heard a person say, “I do not like music”. To this end, we think the best big-budget gift you could get for Dad is a record player, and a storage unit for the records he has, or collects.

The storage unit we fell in love with can be found here:

Real Fathers Day Gift Suggestion From RagTagd

And if dad needs a record player, there are so many we found it difficuilt to choose, and they can be incredibly well-priced. This one from Argos was at a good mid-range price, and very stylish:

Whatever the genre, (amongst our troops we have  a Nirvana fanatic), music is the food of love, as Shakespeare said, so Father’s Day can be an opportunity to develop a new joint hobby for dads and kids. Plus it helps to provide an education of music outside the school disco…

If the idea of £100 isn’t thrilling for this Sunday’s Father’s Day, there’s one REAL cool present on a budget.

For real relaxation after the last school run of the week, and something that won’t break the bank, you can get creative with your ales. The company, Honest brew ( have a great selection of interestingly named and flavoured beers. A child could very easily have a random selection game, pick a few obscure new ales for dad, and for under £30 you have yourself an ale-tasting party!

RagTagd Gift Idea for Father's Day - Honest Brew

Now, about that hug… There are some options that don’t cost anything, and we wanted to include a few of these…

Keeping with the theme of music, gifts can be free.  A classic 90’s mixed tape would be great (or a playlist created on Spotify for those 99% of us who no longer own a tape player). This is a great way to get the kids involved the music of the 90’s, I know we were raised on ‘Madness’…

Vouchers – always a bit of fun – get a few colourful cards and cut, design and deliver some vouchers! Our favourites vouchers can be redeemed for: Hugs, Tidying rooms or a DVD Day (one for rainy days). This way, outside of school, work and the uniform routine of life, dads are getting that priceless time with the children.

So, if you are buying for a dad, let’s blow those all too replaceable socks off him for this Sunday’s gift giving. After all, dads do the hard graft on occasion…

To those in the role of ‘dad’ everywhere; thank you for the early mornings and the late nights. Thanks for the smart uniforms and sports kits. Thanks for the memories, the school fundraisers, the hugs and the sewn, ironed, potentially wonky school labels. We salute you!