Sometimes fundraising for school can seem like a real headache but it doesn’t have to be. Are you in need of inspiration? Then look no further, here’s our list of the top 7 ways you can raise money for your PTA and have fun along the way. Some of these you’ll have done, others may be new to you.



  • Ask the teachers if they can be put in the stocks, and have kids throw wet sponges at them for just £1 a go. (This might work better in summer)



  • Hold a Quiz Night and ask your local businesses to donate prizes, they’ll enjoy the promotion!



  • It doesn’t have to always be about the kids, why not hold a ‘school disco’ for parents – bring back the sound of the eighties and give parents the opportunity to mingle.


  • Teacher Karaoke. Get the teachers to all sing one lunchtime and ask the pupils to pay £1 each to come and see them. We are sure you’ll make a fortune but you may just have to persuade the teachers to do it.


  • Start a penny day. Set a date – maybe the last day of every term – where you ask parents and kids to bring in all their spare pennies. Why let them build up at home when they could be transforming a school?


  • Get everyone involved in a weekly ‘bonus ball’ lottery style competition. Because who is going to win the actually lottery? It works by encouraging parents to buy a £1 ticket for a number between 1 & 49. Whatever the lottery bonus ball is that week, that person wins £25 and the school gets £24.

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This blog was inspired by and replicated some content from this Mumsnet forum discussion.