On average our kids LOSE £1500 of our hard-earned cash between the age of 3-10, should we suffer financially, when making mistakes is part of growing up?

“What do you mean you don’t know where your new jacket is?! You only got it last Friday”. We’ve all been there. You’ve instilled your family values and given your child responsibility but their penchant for losing stuff doesn’t stop. Oh, why won’t it stop?

Young children losing uniforms and their expensive items is the bane of a parent’s life. New research found that mums spend more than £1,500 replacing items lost by their kids between the ages of 3-10. That money could get you an all-inclusive family holiday.

This research published in Closer Magazine, also found that over half of children’s lost possessions such as coats, school uniform items and books, are never found again. Never!

Do we deserve the punishment of forking out for new stuff? One argument is that as parents, we are ultimately responsible for everything our child does but… Unless you’re an omnipresent parent (if you are we want to hear from you) then you’ll feel helpless on learning about your child losing something, again.

Do you remember the last time your child lost something? Maybe you were angry, maybe you kept your frustrations hidden. But you felt it. Modern life is cluttered and hectic, the information overload is incessant, we don’t need one more thing to worry about.

Above all else, it’s the realisation of the inevitable – that you’re going to be in this situation many more times over the next few years. So, whether you believe parents deserve the punishment or not, here are our top tips to help your kids keep tabs on their possessions:

  •  Sign up to THE tech-savvy solution that’ll ensure your child NEVER loses an item in school again…
  •  Work with your children to write a list of the key belongings that they need to make sure they have  with them every day.
  •  Ensure your child has a dedicated place or box to keep essentials.
  •  Tie the items you can inside your child’s coat, e.g. gloves!
  •  Do it the good old fashioned way and write your kids full name in their clothes, not just their initials!
  •  In an a new area with your kids? Remember to scan every location before you leave.